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Aluminum wiring

Inspection, removal, maintenance

Aluminum wiring, while no longer used in wiring a home, was used in the mid 1960’s to the late 1970’s due to high copper price. Aluminum wiring has significant drawbacks compared to copper and overall safety concerns.

Expansion and contraction of aluminum wiring is known to loosen connections, including wire connectors in fixtures, terminal screws on receptacles and in your electrical panel. This can lead to intermittent power distributions and even fires. Regular maintenance of your aluminum wiring is required to tighten connections, check for oxidation and signs of cracking or overheating.

Insurances companies require inspections from a certified electrical contractor before insuring a home with aluminum wiring and some may not provide coverage at all. Ensure you ask if a home has aluminum wiring before purchasing and call us to arrange an inspection.

New development, infill, rural property

We provide electrical and communication wiring to builders and individual home owners, including show homes and custom builds. 

A new home is a large investment and we can help ensure your specific needs are met. Whether focus is on an open concept kitchen with undercabinet lighting or a feature staircase with tread lighting, we work with home owners and designers to make your home yours.

LED lighting/controls

Specialty receptacles

LED Indoor/outdoor stair and railing lighting

Landscape lighting

Smoke/CO alarms




Detached/Attached garage

Garage heaters

EV charging


Rural properties:

Shop spaces

Water treatment/wastewater systems

Backup generators

Electrical Meter/Panel

Panel upgrades

60A to 100A/200A upgrade

100A to 200A upgrade

100A or 200A New service

Overhead or underground

Home or garage

Surge protection

Breaker upgrades

GFCI and AFCI protection

Electrical panel and service upgrades are becoming more frequent as technologies change and power requirements increase. 

You may be looking at buying an electric vehicle or installing a hot tub. You will need a certified electrical contractor to perform a load calculation to be submitted with a permit application, often this will result in a service upgrade being required to accommodated the additional loads. 

You may be looking to purchase an older home. Insurances companies often require a home to have a minimum 100A service before insuring. Service upgrades are usually required if developing a secondary suite. When developing a basement, you may find that your electrical panel doesn’t have enough room to accommodate the required circuits or that the breakers are no longer manufactured, or in the case of AFCI, never were.

We provide overhead or underground installations for your new home, renovation, shop or garage. Don’t want power lines hanging over your yard? We can install a service to your garage and then underground to your home, including communication lines.

Prices averages range from $1500 to $6000. Variables include amperage required and whether overhead or underground service required



Kitchen and bath



Living spaces

Furnace and Hot water tanks


LED lighting

Landscape features

Upgrade existing devices

Renovating your home will ad value for resale and increase usability and safety for your family.

Kitchen renovations often require additional circuits to accommodate new convenience appliances. Existing circuits will require removal, making way for new upgraded circuits required by current electrical codes, including GFCI protection.

Updating you bathroom can include a new led pot light over your shower or tub, bath fan, vanity fixture and a GFCI receptacle for safety.


Power loss

Aluminum wiring maintenance/Inspection

Breaker changes



Light fixtures

Smoke/CO alarms


Dimmers/Motion sensors





Wall oven

Your home needs maintenance and upgrades to ensure you don’t have unexpected interruptions and damages